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Hi! today we are going to do
a hair mask
it is my first hair mask and I hope you like it
You will need to have clean hair
it doesn´t matter if its wet

you will need one small towel
olive oil
and one egg
and a plastic cap

we will need the egg yolk

you need to separate it

it has a lot of benefits for our hair

if helps you if your hair is anemic
like when it is very dry and fragil
because of the cholesterol and natural fats
helps to nourish the follicle from the outside

we need to add half avocado
that help us for its rich natural oils

and contains vitamin E

and we need to smash everything together

remember avocado also help us to produce collagen
and softens the hair

and last but not least we will add the olive oil

that its going to help us hydrate

remember to do this when you are home alone
so you dont get to scare anyone

im using the towel only to cover from fall outs

you need to section your hair

you can apply it with a brush or with your hands

applies from the half to the end

we need to do it on all of our hair

I just finish applying it

and you need to cover it
so the heat can help us to penetrate on the ends

if you have time, leave it on for 30 mins

you can also use a hair dryer to speed up the process

after this you need to wash your hair like you normally do

I hope you like it and enjoy your beautiful hair, dont forget to subscribe